IDN Forms: Multi-selection field error on submission

While creating a form, selecting any value other than “1” under “Select Fields > Maximum Selection” causes an error that prevents the form from being submitted.

Error message received upon form submission:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a form.
  2. Add a field- “Select field”.
  3. Select a value other than 1 in the General configuration option “Maximum Selection”.
    4.Add a condition on the “select field”.
  4. Save the form.
  5. Create a workflow that executes the form.
  6. Choose any option from the drop-down menu.
  7. Submit the form.

Hi @anagha,

Could you share more details on your workflow?

Hi Kartik,
I created a workflow for a joiner scenario. When an identity is created , the form is emailed to the user asking for the hardware requirements. The field “hardware requirements” in the form is a select field.
And the configuration of this particular field is causing the error.

The form can be successfully submitted only when the “maximum selection” value is 1.

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Hi Anagha,

I tried a similar form with a select input allowing to enter more than 1 items. I was able to submit the form successfully. Are you still facing this issue?

Hi Sharvari,
Yes I’m still facing this issue. As soon as I change the value of “Maximum Selection” to anything other than 1, it gives me an error.

Did you attach the form to workflow after it as completely designed?

If you’ve attached the form to workflow and then made edits to the form later , the workflow could cause issues. Try detaching the form from workflow then editing it and then reattach and test.

I think “Maximum Selection” was not the issue after all. I had also added a condition on that select field. The condition is: if the select field “is empty” then "hide " a text field. When I removed that condition, the form works fine. Are we not supposed to add conditions on a select field?
I think it’s the combination of “Maximum Selection” value other than 1 and condition, that’s giving me an error.

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I was able to reproduce your issue.

To summarize:
If a condition is specified on Select item, maximum selection can only be set to 1 else form submission fails.

@colin_mckibben Could this be a bug?

Yes, this is a bug. There is a ticket open to fix it (PLTFORMS-1844). Thank you for notifying us.

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This should now be fixed.

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