IDN Form Fields Issues/Questions

I am using Forms in workflow. The Form has couple of text fields, toggle fields and a select field and a text area field.

  1. On form submission the workflow output shows null in form data for the select field and text area only. All other fields are showing correct values. The select field and text area do have a condition associated with them which is true so that shouldn’t be an issue. But since it’s null in form data itself, the other workflow which triggers on this form submission is showing them as null too.
    Is there any known issue/bug reported for these fields not working as expected?

  2. For toggle fields, will form data only return true/false values? Is it possible to get the value of True and False labels from the form in the form data instead ?

  3. Can the form support default formatting of date to MM/dd/yyyy instead of having it as ISO8601?

In regards to your second question, toggle fields will only return true of false values. If you are wanting to have your workflow take different steps based on what the toggle is set to, you could use the boolean operator to carry this out. If you need the specific label that you used in the form you could also add a define variable (beta operator) after the boolean operator to redefine this value.

Yes, that’s what I did to get the value for boolean.


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