Getting IDN Forms - User inputs and sending a HTTP request to external system

I’m building a User self service form using the IDN forms, I want to capture the user’s inputs in external ticketing system, so we have created a workflow for that as well. but for my requirement I need some fields that toggle based on some other fields, for example I have a “Department” field(select field type), and if the user selects specific department another sub field say “IT”(select field type) will become available. The main problem here is if the user didn’t select this specific value and chose other value, hence the IT field will be empty. In that case if I tried to fetch that empty fields value in HTTP request body such as {{$.trigger.formData.IT}}, the system is not processing any of my variables, In the external system the request appears like this Department: {{$.trigger.formData.department}} IT: {{$.trigger.formData.IT}}, Instead of actual values. Can someone please point me in the right direction, I thought of using the Comparision operator in workflow and submit different request but I have multiple optional fields, so it wont be feasible to have multiple comparison operator.
If the value is empty I want to appear like:
Department: Admin, IT:
Instead of having the variables.

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