Create-Form API - Only allowing one recipient

In attempting to implement Custom Forms within Workflows in our IDN Environment - I’ve run into a slight discrepancy.

The “Create Form Instance” API request documentation ( found here ) requires a “recipients” array within the body. Since “recipients” is plural, I assumed that I could assign multiple identities to one custom form, and whoever fills it out first would fire off the remainder of the workflow.

However - upon attempting to add additional identities I get the following error on a status code 400 attempt “only one recipient is allowed”.

I also see that currently the type is limited to “IDENTITY”.

My questions are the following:

  • Is the API meant to be accepting multiple identities in it’s current state?
  • If not, will the type be updated to accept “Governance” groups in the future, which could allow for a work around?

We want to use Workflows, and in turn Forms, but currently this is causing some limitiations that we weren’t expecting.

For context

In this particular case the workflow is to automatically set requestable = true for newly created Active Directory entitlements that were created in the past 1 day within a certain OU. If the description is blank on the new entitlement, the form is sent out to a member of our admin team to update the description. Ideally, we would like to send an email out to our ticket listener that we have setup to autocreate a ticket within our system. We would also assign all 10 members of our team as a recipient so that anyone who is assigned this ticket would be able to work the form without any issues.

For Reference, this is how I was formatting my jsonBody in case anyone wants to check that I haven’t made an error.

    "standAloneForm":  true,
    "ttl":  1571827560,
    "recipients":  [
                           "id":  "IDValue1",
                           "type":  "IDENTITY"
                           "id":  "IDValue2",
                           "type":  "IDENTITY"
    "formDefinitionId":  "formdefID",
    "state":  "ASSIGNED",
    "expire":  "2023-10-31T11:12:21.1488779Z",
    "createdBy":  {
                      "id":  "idvalue1",
                      "type":  "WORKFLOW_EXECUTION"

@colin_mckibben Tagging Colin in hopes of getting a response on this post.

Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Forms is a relatively new feature, and multiple recipients may not yet be supported. However, this is a perfectly valid use case and one that we will look into implementing. I have attached the ticket PLTFORMS-2256 to your first post for our engineering team to look into this. The current status is in Backlog but each time you refresh this page it will reflect the latest status.

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Thanks Colin. Marked as solution.

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