Identities Opening in new tab

Has anyone else noticed that when clicking on Identities it now opens in a new tab regardless of what you do?

I can’t find any release notes about this?

Go to Identites - Idenity List - Click on an Identity and it opens in a new tab - left click or middle/scroll

I notice the same @chris_littleboy,

Happy that we now have the option to open the identity on a new tab by clicking the middle/scroll button :smile:, but I do prefer that the default left/click button opens the identity on the same page rather than on a new tab, to prevent undeliberate tab overflows.

The behavior is also not consistent.
If you display the results of the Identity List as Cards instead of Table, the Details button won’t open the link in a new tab.

+1 for not opening an extra tab, and just using the middle click if necessary.

Hey Andrei (also tagging @angelo_mekenkamp):

I have good news :slight_smile: I chased this down internally with our UI engineers. They also agreed with you, and have made a fix. It is just awaiting the next deployment for their team, and it will work exactly as you expect it to.

I’m watching their internal thread, so once I see them mention the deployment, I’ll let you know here :slight_smile:


@jordan_violet any updates on this? It’s currently the bane of my existence :expressionless:

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It looks like the code change was made, and we’re just waiting for a build :slight_smile:

Looks like this has been fixed now.

Left click opens in same tab and middle opens in new tab.

It would be great if this could apply to sources also.

Would like to see a bit of an improvement in the change management process. Given the change in behaviour it would be nice to see it noted in the release notes

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