Scroll/middle mouse click not opening pages in new tab

I often use the scroll button click (middle button click) on my mouse to open links in a new tab, such that I still keep the tab open to the current page. For IdentityNow this is working on the navigation bar (for example Admin->Identities->Identity List), but it is not possible on many other places like:
While viewing a source → edit configuration
While viewing the identity list → clicking an identity
While viewing the source list → clicking on view source.
This open on a new tab would allow us to quickly have multiple tabs of identities/sources open and this allows us to quickly compare with the data in between.

Was this option turned off deliberately here?
Do others miss this functionality as well?

P.S. Maybe a UI tag can be added here. For now I used Identity-now as tag.


Thanks for reporting this Angelo. I have forwarded this to the owning team.

Awesome! Thank you Colin!


Hi Colin,

Has the owning team responded to your message? Can we expect this functionality to appear in the near future, or would it make sense for us to look for workarounds?


Sorry about that Angelo. The owning team wants a support ticket to be opened before they look into it. Can you submit a support ticket please?

Hi Colin,

I have created a support ticket as per your request. FYI: CS0232186

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Links (buttons) where they don’t work are most likely not hyperlinks, but nodes with onClick event attached that will trigger a page open action. Clicking the wheel (or right click and select open in new tab) will not work with such elements

Hi Nithesh!

Thank you for your response, I believe that this is true indeed, which is the technical reason why it is currently not working. Nevertheless I believe if SailPoint slightly changes their code by changing the click event and also accept middle button clicks, where it will trigger a page open action in a new tab, this functionality would work.

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Hi @colin_mckibben,

Last Friday I received the following internal ticket code from SailPoint Support: IDNUI-3399.
Is the owning team you mentioned aware of this one? Hopefully they are now willing to look into it.

Kind regards,

It’s being considered as a low priority feature request. Like @iam_nithesh said, it was probably designed to use onClick, so supporting middle mouse button click would be an additional feature. I moved this discussion under the new Feature Requests category.

All good thank you!

I understand it is low priority, I am happy to hear it is on the radar now!

Until then you can “Duplicate” the tab and click the button :blush:

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