Tool: Community made IdentityNow Chrome extension

This extension is not developed, maintained, or supported by SailPoint. It is a community effort to help manage and support the IdentityNow SaaS Application from SailPoint.

Hey Developer Community!

You may have seen me here and there answering some questions in the forums.
But I am here now as a community member, and I have a personal project to share.

I present to you Anchor

Anchor is a community-made Chrome extension to make working with IdentityNow a little bit easier.

its feature set includes:

Anchor is already available on the Chrome Webstore, and anyone is welcome to install it and use it.

Warning, this application is primarily aimed at IdentityNow Administrators, most of the features of this tool will not work unless the user has a strong authenticated session on IDN.

I have plans to add more features and functionality, and I invite any feedback from the community at large.

Be good people and Happy Development!


The ability here to do quick API calls without having to do any postman setup is a big plus.


Hi @LukeHagar ,
Thanks for sharing this.
From our side, I’d like to know more about security, since this is not an official extension. How to make sure that data gathered, like session tokens, will remain local and not used somewhere else?

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Hey @khalilgahbiche,

The project is fully open source, and you are welcome to inspect it or contribute to it!

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I’m glad you like it @tonyperk :slight_smile:

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Thanks for putting this together! The API Client will be a really helpful feature for when we need to get something like sourceIDs. I also appreciate having all of the resource links to the SailPoint documentations in the one consolidated space.

Keep up the great work and feel free to reach out if you want any additional feedback or potential usecases!

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Thanks for making this tool. I’m trying to check it out, but it doesn’t look like it’s recognizing my tenant. Is there something that I’m missing to set up the tool with my tenant information?

Hey @Mannirx,

Nothing you missed at all, there was a change to the way some of the endpoints I used work, and I need to refactor some code for it.

I’ll try to have that done soon.

Thank you for checking it out!