New Identity Detail Experience

I feel very strongly against the new Identity Detail Experience. It’s forcibly deployed in our sandbox environment and inhibits quick and easy reference of identity attribute data, as it’s now displayed in a tiled format instead of in a list.

The pages format takes longer to load instead of the old tab format, increasing friction for viewing information in the UI.

Can we opt out of this? Anyone else have thoughts to share?


The new Events tab is quite nice though! Huge improvement to show all events associated with the identity, instead of only showing the last 7 days. Also definitely appreciate the addition of all the event attributes that you could typically only find in Search.


So far similar first reaction to this. Feels like the changes are an improvement with the exception to how the attributes are displayed for the Identity Profile and Accounts. It could just be that its ‘new/different’ but I lean towards preferring a list, and one that I can sort.

The table format fits the page better, particularly for larger number of attributes, but its not as easy to quickly glance at like a list can be


I don’t disagree with this. I think the old list format is more “readable at a glance” but I think the idea behind the new grid table layout is to make it more scalable. Think about how far the “old UI” stretches across your monitor and if you’ve got an ultrawide, it’s even crazier.

Having the access page is a game changer for one of my clients as this was a major step backwards going to IDN from their previous governance tool.

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Though I like the continuous improvement efforts by SailPoint, I am in agreement to the point that this is forced onto users. It would have been a lot nicer if we had an option to pick one and our selection was saved to our profile. This is how other service providers usually roll out new UI versions

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I have to admit that I just ignored the “Try new experience” button that has been at the top right of the screen for months already… I only used the new experience when I had some spare time to explore what’s new, but if this wasn’t forced to me, I may never use it for real.

Also, I avoided it as much as I could because when I switched to the new experience the navigation bar at the top changed to the mobile hamburger menu and it was almost impossible to use in a wide screen. I usually need to get my stuff done instead of dealing with bugs so I just tried to avoid it as much as I could, but now that it’s deployed in Sandbox I think it’s not a problem anymore.

The responsive design applied to this new layout makes better use of the screen space (I don’t need to scroll that much down and then up when looking at attributes down the page). I agree that new grid layout looks like it doesn’t respect the alphabetical order of the attributes (they’re sorted but displayed in 1-4 columns horizontally and the overflow goes to the next row), but I was already using Ctrl-F to search for attributes in the page because some attributes were lost in the long scrollable list anyway, and now label and value are one on top of the other, so it’s easier for me to find the info I need.

The only thing I’m still digesting is the need for “Access” and “Accounts” tabs. They provide different level of detail of the same things, and we may end using “Accounts” more than “Access” because the later only references sources and not the accounts associated to access profiles and entitlements, and we have people with multiple accounts in our sources. But clearly the “Access” tab is much better than the “Roles” tab in the old UI.

All in all, this is just a matter of getting used to the new experience and finding ways to get the most value from it. Customers of a SaaS product can only influence with feedback on the new features, but at the end the company that owns the system takes the decisions on what’s implemented and when it’s deployed to customers.

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Honestly, I think the access tab has more value to true governance/auditor types than traditional IAM admins such as us.

Those folks are going to want to look up an identity and see what they have, and to have all 3 access types right there associated to an identity is valuable to auditors, etc.

Yeah, it makes sense for the long term… we just need to start consolidating multiple accounts in the same sources, so my point of view might be a bit too selfish hehe.

Now the layout of developer site is changed too… all the dropdown menus have disappeared and the section links are on the left

How do we submit feature requests for Identity Detail UI?

On the Access page, it would be great if you could sort, filter or search the Entitlements list.

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You’d want to go do that at unless @kirby_fitch would prefer something different


Hi @gigisherer1 - we’re making some changes here that should address your concerns. I’d direct you to this message as well. You could hop on a call with @willcashman to talk through this.

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@WyssAJ01 -

Thanks, you covered our rationale really well!

@WyssAJ01 -

Normally, we’d say to submit an idea. Good news though @jrossicare is that sorting is in progress. That will be added to the Accounts and Access UIs soon.

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This is a great insight. Thank you!

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Sorry that you encountered bugs, @eabedrapo1. We’ve been using it every day and had not been running into that one. If you’re still able to reproduce it, let us know how and we’ll squash it. Let us know what browser / browser version you’re using too.

I’d encourage you to hop on a call with @willcashman to talk through this one. We could be amenable to changes here.

I think @WyssAJ01 did a good job of breaking down the need for both. We did debate adding Accounts as its own tab within the Access menu but held back there. We’re trying to keep a good balance of familiarity within the new UIs so that the change-over is easy to digest.

This is a really great insight. Of course, we want you to feel that what we’ve delivered is better than what you’ve had.

Looks great just seeing some bugs like the User Levels not being populated.

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