Getting Started with SaaS Connectors in the CoLab

Use this category to view and download Identity Security Cloud (ISC) SaaS Connectivity connectors built by the community.

Download the Connector

To download a connector from the CoLab, follow these steps:

  1. Download the connector you want from the SaaS Connectors category.
  2. Use the SailPoint CLI to create a new connector: sail conn create "my-connector-name", where my-connector-name is the name that will show up for your connector in the SailPoint CLI.
  3. Use the SailPoint CLI to upload the connector to your IDN tenant:
    sail conn upload -c "my-connector-name" -f path/to/your/

Once you have uploaded the connector to your tenant, you can start using it in IDN.

Use the Connector

To use the connector you’ve just downloaded:

  1. Navigate to the admin page in your tenant.

  2. Click the ‘Connections’ dropdown menu, and choose ‘Sources’.

  3. Click the Create New button and select the new connector.

Note: The connector’s name in IDN is NOT the name given by the sail conn create command—it is the name given by the connector author. Should you wish to change the name of the connector, you will have to modify the connector code.

  1. Click the Configure button and follow the instructions given by the connector author to create a new source.