Developer Community CoLab - Getting Started Guide

Welcome to the CoLab. Here you can find ready-to-use Workflows, SaaS Connectors, Rules, Transforms, IIQ Plugins, and more built and maintained by your fellow peers in the community.

What is the CoLab?

The Developer Community CoLab is a new place where developer community members can publish integrations they’ve built that use, or integrate with, SailPoint platforms. You can then collaborate with each other in real-time on these integrations, working together to solve both common and complex problems in identity. Our goal is to make it easier for you to come together to solve your identity problems faster!

Everything in the CoLab is completely open-source and MIT licensed.

Who runs the CoLab?

The CoLab is ran in the SailPoint Developer Community in partnership with SailPoint’s Developer Relations team and our Technology Alliances team. You can contact us by sending us a message at @colab_admins if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

What can I find in the CoLab?

The following subcategories exist in the CoLab today:

  • SaaS Connectors
  • Workflows
  • Rules
  • Transforms
  • IIQ Plugins
  • Tools

How do I get support for something I downloaded in the CoLab?

We have two support models for items contributed in the CoLab. Below is a table with a short description of each. For full details, please use the link below the table.

Support Model Description
sailpoint-certified This tag is only available to members of the SailPoint Technology Alliance program. These integrations are the result of a co-development process between SailPoint and that partner organization, and has undergone additional validation steps prior to being published. Support for certified integrations is provided by the partner listed on the integration, using the forum discussions below their integration.
community-developed Community developed integrations are supported by the community. If the integration is tagged as ‘unsupported’ then that integration has not had an active community maintainer. Community members are encouraged to contribute to community-developed and maintained integrations.

To learn more about the support models of the CoLab, or to ask questions or start a discussion regarding community support, see this topic for details:

How do I become a publisher on the CoLab?

Interested in publishing something to the CoLab to share with the community? We think that’s awesome! To start the process of publishing an item to the CoLab, use the +Request button on the CoLab Publishers group page with a link to the items you’d like to publish.

If you’re already an existing publisher, you just need to create a new private message to @colab_admins to get started.

What are the technical details of items that are published to the CoLab?

  1. All CoLab items must be open-source and MIT licensed.

  2. All code will be stored in the sailpoint-oss GitHub workspace. You will be made a GitHub Codeowner of your CoLab item.

  3. All submitters must agree to SailPoint’s Contributor License Agreement. This will happen automatically as part of the submission process.

  4. Submissions that go inactive and unsupported may be removed or assigned to new community members to maintain.

How do I get started?

Getting started with SaaS Connectors in the CoLab

Getting started with Workflows in the CoLab

Getting started with Rules in the CoLab

Getting started with Transforms in the CoLab

Getting started with IIQ Plugins in the CoLab

Getting started with everything else in the CoLab

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