The Developer Community CoLab: Build and Share SailPoint Solutions, Together!

At Developer Days 2024, we announced one of the coolest experiences in our community—the Developer Community CoLab, which can be found here:

Read below to learn more about our community-driven marketplace, how to use it, and how to contribute your own solutions!

What is the Community CoLab?

The CoLab is a space where our community members can build identity solutions on our platforms, together. We saw so many great community members building and sharing solutions in our discussion forums, particularly when working to solve both common and complex problems—so we decided to make an official space for it! Think of it like a community-ran marketplace!

Getting started

Each category of the CoLab comes with a set of instructions atop the category with steps on how to download that category item and get it into your environment!

The CoLab currently has the following categories where you can download solutions built by fellow community members:

Interested in contributing?

Everything in SailPoint’s Community CoLab is open-source and MIT-licensed in SailPoint’s open-source GitHub organization. If you’re interested in contributing something you’ve built, checkout the getting started guide below:

:bangbang: NOTE: Contributing to our CoLab also gives you contribution points towards becoming a Developer Community Ambassador!