Outlook Out of Office Connector

:spiral_notepad: Description SaaS Connector to get Outlook out of Office Status
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This connector leverages the Microsoft Graph API to get the out of office status directly from Office 365 Outlook. You can then use this information to automate some actions on Identity Security Cloud like enabling automatic forward, disabling some accounts or delegation permissions.


This connector requires some permissions in Graph API to work properly. Review the Guide below to set up the permissions.


Register an application in Entra ID

First, you need to create an Entra ID App Registration and grant below API permissions in Microsoft Graph API

API / Permissions name Type
Directory.Read.All Application
MailboxSettings.Read Application
User.Read Delegated

Then, you need a client secret for this app and find your tenant Id

Install the connector

Configure a new Source

Create a new source using the new connector type. Configure the source with your clientId, clientSecret and tenantId. In order to get only the mail enabled users, you can add a filter. For instance, to get only Business Essentials licensed users, I use this filter : assignedLicenses/any(u:u/skuId eq 3b555118-da6a-4418-894f-7df1e2096870)

Get Outlook of Office Status

The connector brings licensed users as accounts with the below schema :

Attributes Description
scheduledEndDateTime The date and time that automatic replies are set to end, if Status is set to Scheduled .
scheduledStartDateTime The date and time that automatic replies are set to begin, if Status is set to Scheduled .
automaticRepliesSetting The current Out of Office Status. Can be enabled (if Status is set to Scheduled and current date time is between scheduledStartDateTime and scheduledEndDateTime or if Status is alwaysEnabled. You can rely on that attribute to trigger some actions.
automaticRepliesStatus Configurations status for automatic replies. The possible values are: disabled , alwaysEnabled , scheduled .]

Supported Operations

Test Connection
Account List
Account Read

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Hi @olivier_detilleux!
REALLY excited to work with this connector.
I got everything installed, but when I do a test connection I’m running into the following error:

Office 365 Out of Office SaaS Connector - IdentityNow (IDN) / IDN Show and Tell - SailPoint Developer Community Forum

Any insight as to what to troubleshoot first?
PS: This topic did not allow me to use the “colab” tag.

Hi Jessica, really sorry, I only see your message right now. I did a little search and found another message related to this error : ConnectorError with new connector that uses SaaS Connectivity framework
Let me try to add that in my code.