BeyondTrust Privilege Management Cloud for Windows and Mac Connector

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The BeyondTrust Privilege Management Cloud for Windows & Mac (PM Cloud) connector has been created using SailPoint Identity Security Cloud SaaS Connectivity.

PM Cloud includes a SCIM API, and a Connector in Identity Security Cloud can be created using the generic SCIM Source. However, a SaaS Connector allows direct Cloud to Cloud communication without requiring a VA to be deployed on-premises.

This SaaS Connector is an example for how to use the scim-funtions library it includes, when the target application has a SCIM API.

Supported Use Cases:

  • Account Create
  • Account Delete
  • Account Enable
  • Account Disable
  • Account List
  • Account Read
  • Account Unlock
  • Account Update
  • Entitlement List
  • Entitlement Read
  • Test Connection


  • Identity Security Cloud
  • BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows & Mac 23.9+


In PM Cloud, create an API account with Full Access to SCIM.

Use the SaaS Connectivity CLI to upload the PM Cloud SaaS Connector to your Identity Security Cloud instance. Then Create a new Source using the PM Cloud SaaS Connector, and provide Base and Authentication URLs, and Client ID and Client Secret.

For a complete step-by-step with screenshots, please see the GitHub project.

Questions, feedback and comments: [email protected]