Wrong Task Name When Running Bulk Access Profile and Role Importer

When running the Bulk Access Profile and Role Importer Ruby script, we are encountering a “Wrong task name: ‘п»їcreateRole’”. The “п»ї” does not existing in the native csv data–as can be seen here in NotePad++ (showing all characters):

I have tried recreating the csv by manually typing values (no copy and paste) but the script still sees the extra “п»ї” characters in front of the task name.

Here are the full script results/error.

Script Source: https://community.sailpoint.com/t5/Professional-Services/IdentityNow-Bulk-AccessProfile-and-Role-Importer/ta-p/77382?_ga=2.83231711.856659745.1666615674-1961740725.1666365401&_gl=1*toglml*_ga*MTk2MTc0MDcyNS4xNjY2MzY1NDAx*_ga_SS72Z4HXJM*MTY2NzY1NjkwMy40OC4xLjE2Njc2NTkwMzcuNTMuMC4w

We would appreciate any insights. Thank you.

Your editor is somehow introducing that character. I wonder if it is similar to this stack overflow issue. python - Strange character while reading a CSV file - Stack Overflow

Try saving your file as CSV, not UTF-8.

That corrected the issue. Many thanks.