Bulk-AccessProfile creation issue

Hi Team,
We’re using the link(https://community.sailpoint.com/t5/Professional-Services/IdentityNow-Bulk-AccessProfile-and-Role-Importer/ta-p/77382) to create bulk access profile, but ended up with the error as below

. Anyone has faced any such issue

Hi @seemarani1 yes, I had this when I didn’t place the columns correctly, or we had unexpected data in those columns. I’d recommend starting with the sample and working your way backwards to see what is different from the template.

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You have to add method name in sample csv file as below.

roleName roleDescription roleDisabled (true/false) roleOwner roleAssignmentType roleAssignmentValue accessProfileSource accessProfileEntitlements
createRole ABC (Responsable) xyzManager (Responsable) role TRUE slpt.services VALUE_MAP