Subscribing to categories, topics, and tags

Subscribing to a category, topic, or tag is a way for you to get notified when new things happen. For example:

  • You could subscribe to a category, such as #announcements:security-update, because you want to get an updated on all things security announcements.
  • You could subscribe to a tag like workflows, because you want to be notified on all things workflows, regardless of which category it happens in.
  • You could even subscribe to a *topic (like this one!) because you want to be notified every time there’s an update.

There are five different types of notifications:

Notification Type Description
Watching This is the highest level of notification. It means you’ll be notified of every new post, in every topic, and you’ll receive a count of how many new replies there are. Use this notification type for things that are of the utmost importance to you. You’ll also receive email notifications when you’re not active on the sight, if you don’t want to miss anything.
Tracking Tracking is similar to watching in that you’ll see a count of new replies, but you’ll only be notified when someone mentions your username or replies to you.
Watching First Post You will likely use this the most. Watching First Post mean you’ll be notified every time there’s a new topic in a category or under a tag, but you won’t get a bunch of notifications about what happens in those topics. This is great for, say, being notified of all new announcements in Announcements.
Normal This is the default, and means you’ll only be notified if someone mentions your username or responds to one of your messages.
Muted This is self-explanatory, but means you’ll not be notified of anything.

Subscribing to a category

To subscribe to a category, tag, or topic simply navigate to it, click on the bell on the right-hand side, and set its notification status to your desired state:

That’s it! These notifications will appear as a blue bubble on your avatar in the top right of every page: