Announcing SailPoint's Developer Days 2024!

Developer Days 2024

We are thrilled to announce the return of SailPoint Developer Days in 2024, promising a bigger, better, and more collaborative experience than before! This conference, born out of the endeavors of technical, identity professionals, is a homage to those looking to extend our product beyond what comes out of the box. We are all about the hands-on-keyboard problem solvers who thrive on innovation and the endless possibilities our platform offers.

After the overwhelming success of our inaugural conference in 2023, where we witnessed nearly 2000 attendees from over 35 countries, we are gearing up to raise the bar even higher. This year, the conference unfolds over 4 days across 5 time zones, diving deep into technical explorations, and showcasing the finest integrations and extensions of our platform.

Let us know in the comments down below what you’re hoping to see at Developer Days 2024!

When is it?

The 2024 edition of Developer Days is scheduled to unfold over three weeks and across five time zone areas:

Identity Security Cloud

  • North and South America (April 9th-12th) - Virtual, happening live
  • EMEA & IST (April 15th-18th) - Virtual, happening semi-live
  • AMZ & APAC (April 23rd-26th) - Virtual, happening semi-live


  • North and South America (April 9th) - Virtual, happening live
  • EMEA & IST (April 15th) - Virtual, happening semi-live
  • AMZ & APAC (April 23rd) - Virtual, happening semi-live

:clock1: :clipboard: Exact times and agenda will come in later announcements.

Call For Presenters

We are inviting the creative minds of our developer community to take the stage (virtually and physically) and share their expertise and explorations with our growing global audience. Unlike last year, this year holds an exciting twist! We are flying all eligible presenters to our headquarters in Austin, Texas, to present live from our studio—all expenses covered by SailPoint! It’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise, innovation, network with fellow presenters, and be a part of something bigger. Hurry to submit your CFP, as the submission window closes on December 31st, 2023, with presenters being finalized in mid-January.

Registration for presenters has closed.

Looking for more details?

Registrations and more intricate details will follow soon, so keep an eye out on our announcements in the Community Updates category for the next wave of updates on Developer Days 2024. (Need help subscribing to our Community Updates category? Click here.)

Get ready to mark your calendars, share your innovative solutions, and be a part of a conference that celebrates the heroes behind the implementation! The voyage towards Developer Days 2024 begins now, and we can’t wait to see the spectacular collaborations and innovations it will usher in.

Stay tuned, and let’s gear up to make Developer Days 2024 a grand spectacle of developer creativity and technical prowess!

Ambassador Program Points

Presenting at Developer Days 2024 will net 5,000 2000 points in SailPoint’s Developer Community Ambassador Program.

This announcement originally stated that 5,000 points would be awarded to Dev Days presenters towards the Ambassador Program. The correct amount is 2,000 points, which is documented here: Getting Started as a Developer Community Ambassador. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


Glad to hear you guys are bringing this back again next year! I have a few ideas but I need to run it by my leadership team.


I hope to see you presenting there! Northern Indiana and Ohio represent!

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This is excellent news! I’d love to hear more about creating custom reports and data sources. The session from Devin Rosenbauer at the first conference was great, but as a beginner, I could use more detail than his time slot afforded. Can’t wait to see what comes up in the next edition! Oh, and Developer’s Conference twice a year is not a bad idea in my opinion!

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Thanks Scott! I like the idea of having more sessions for beginners (and more sessions for those who are more expert) which was a big reason behind adding a 4th day this next year.

I like the idea of doing it twice a year too!

The times state virtual and live. Will it be person also?

Ah, good clarification! It is all virtual and happening live that first week. All subsequent weeks it will be virtual and happening semi-live. Semi-live in that it will be replayed for those time zones, but my team will be present and live during the event for anyone talking, asking questions, etc.

Thanks for helping me clarify that, Travis!

The 4th day is for IDN, for IIQ it is reduced to 1 day :frowning:

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@Remold and we’re going to make it one amazing day! I hope you’ll be submitting a talk this year??

I am tempting too, need to think about a subject and talk with my leadership etc.

– Remold

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Supposed for Presenters, How long he/she will stay for Austin, Texas.

Great question, Ping! Still working on those details, but we will make sure we give presenters coming in enough lead time to travel and enough time to connect with other presenters while here.

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This is quite exciting to hear as I was not able to attend this year’s developer’s day I would like to get most out of this opportunity.!!

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Proposal to present has just been submitted. :smiley:

Since I am flexible I can adjust the presentation, if needed :slight_smile:

– Remold

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Hello Team, I have registered for Developer Days 2024 but I haven’t received any confirmation email on the registration. Just wanted to check if the registration was successfully submitted. Thank you!

Hi Jawahar,

There is not actually a registration form out yet for Developer Days 2024 :slight_smile: But as soon as there is, we’ll post the info about it right here in this category!

Hi @jordan_violet,
My guess is that @a556081 means the submissions for presentations. I didn’t get any mail confirmation either after submitting the form.

Same here. I submitted, but no confirmation email.

– Remold

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Ah, yes! The confirmation is just the one you get right there in the form UI thanking you for your submission.

I received all of your submissions :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great info, @jordan_violet. I see the topic Thank You for Attending Developer Days 2023 has links to the IIQ and IDN recordings. I didn’t add up the duration of each playlist, but they look to be about a day’s worth for each of those. Since the event ran for 3 days, what sort of topics and/or events aren’t included in the recordings? Also, will the IDN and IIQ tracks of the 2024 event also be recorded? Thanks!