Introducing a Better Experience for

Hey everyone, I am so excited to share a new experience added to!

Previously, the experience on our status page has been strictly a one-way conversation: us telling you what the status is. We recognize that you didn’t have any way to respond to share your thoughts or concerns with us or with each other. This led you to feel you had only one option: email support or your CSM to get more information.

What’s changing?

Today, we have improved that experience. You’ll now see, when an incident occurs, a link on the incident that says “Click here to discuss.” That link will take you to a unique topic in Platform Status Updates where you can track the status updates here, converse about the status, and you’ll get answers from Product Support and your CSMs right here.

This makes it much easier on you to be in the know on what is happening and gives you a place to ask question and converse with us, and others experiencing the same issue.

Don’t forget you can subscribe to notifications of new incidents and incident updates by clicking on Platform Status Updates and clicking on the bell on the right-hand side. This way, you’re always notified when there’s a new incident!

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This is so cool. Thanks for that @jordan_violet

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@jordan_violet This is great! Is there a way we can filter out what updates we want vs. don’t want when subscribing to them? For instance: I would only like to be notified when Provisioning is facing downtime.

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Great idea Sushant! I’m going to look into how I might implement this in the next update!

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