New: The SailPoint Developer Community!

Welcome, everyone! We’re excited to welcome you to the new SailPoint Developer Community!

We created this community with one thing in mind: to improve the development experience on SailPoint platforms. Our new Developer Relations team is dedicated to improving the experience developers have on our platform, to provide resources to decrease developer’s time to value, and to give developers a voice within the product.

In the coming year, here’s just a few things that we’ll be working on:

  • Improving our documentation
  • Releasing new tools such as client libraries
  • Creating new avenues for developers to provide feedback
  • Creating more in-depth content like like coding sessions, videos, and more

You can join in on the conversation by clicking either the “Log in” or “Sign up” buttons in the upper-right corner. Make sure to also review our Community Participation Guidelines.

We look forward to having you around and please, give feedback anytime in the Site Feedback category!