Developer Community Forum - Categories and Tags Guide

Looking to understand how information is organized in the SailPoint Developer Community Forum? This will give you an overview of how all of the community information is organized so that it can be most helpful to you!

If you haven’t done so yet, we recommend reading the new user guide for the forum, which helps you get comfortable with some of the features and terminology used in the forum:


All the information in the forum is organized by two methods: categories and tags.


To understand categories, it can be helpful to think of the sections in a newspaper. Consider the typical sections of a daily newspaper: Arts, Sports, Business, Travel…. Any given article belongs to just one of those sections, and each section’s content is quite different: some people, for example, may only ever read the Sports or Business sections. On the forum, the sections are called “categories”.

The Developer Relations Team has established categories to create strong, distinct, and secure divisions between content. For example, the categories could look something like this:

There may even be subcategories, but only one layer deep. For example, that could look something like this:

Categories have very clear, distinct purposes, so you will find the best information by using the right category. You can see the full list of categories and their descriptions at


Tags, are nimble, flexible, and lightweight, unlike the more rigid categories.

Multiple tags can apply to the same topic, even across categories. For example, if you were running a music forum, you could tag a topic as both “Hip Hop” and “Electronica”. But if you were using categories, you would have to choose one or the other.

The Developer Relations Team manually curates the tags to ensure that the tagging system is high quality and meaningful to community members. For example, the tags could look something like this:

For example, consider the workflows tag. If workflows were a category, it would be too rigid, and all topics about workflows would have to exist in one category—announcements, blog posts, help discussions…it would be a mess. But because workflows is a tag, it can be fluid across our rigid categories. You can find a blog about workflows in Blog , an announcement about workflows in Announcements, and an answer to a workflow question in IdentityNow (IDN), all linked by the workflows tag.

This gif can help show how tags can span categories in a more visual way:


Get Started

Now that you know how all the information is organized on the forum, be sure to check out all the categories by going to You can also see all the available tags in the forum by heading to

You can also subscribe to notifications based on a specific category (Community Updates) or specific tag (workflows, in any category of discussion). Read this guide to learn how to subscribe to categories and tags: