Source » Flat file (Delimited File) import: , vs ;

Dear SailPoint IDN Team,

When I download the CSV for a “Source Type: Delimited File, Connection Type: Flat File” under Sources » Source » Accounts, I get a zip with .csv file that looks like this:


Let us call this file accounts.csv.

When I download the Accounts File Template (.csv) under Sources » Source » Import Accounts, I get a different formatted file:


Let us call this file header.csv.

Some issues that could be improved:

  • The CSV files (accounts.csv and header.csv) use different kind of separators, but IDN can not handle both of them.
  • I can not import the just downloaded accounts.csv into the system, without first replacing commas (,) with semicolons (;). I see this as a bug.
  • The error when importing an invalid CSV file is too generic. The system should make a couple of basic checks and report what the issue could be (even if at first the error is technical and it is not translated): e.g. expected separator “;” but none found, Found N header columns but M expected, etc.

Best regards,