SOD Policies API Documentation Issues

The list-sod-policies | SailPoint Developer Community API supports the standard sorters collection parameter, but the documentation does not mention this.

When visiting the Search > Policies page in the UI, the browser makes the following request to this API: /beta/sod-policies?limit=50&offset=0&count=true&sorters=name. Through testing, it also supports sorting on created and id as well. I have not tried any other fields, though.

Additionally, some SOD Policies APIs are grouped under the SOD Policies tag, while others are grouped under a separate SOD Policy tag with no landing page (e.g. start-sod-all-policies-for-org | SailPoint Developer Community )

Thanks for reporting this Nathan. Ticket created (DEVREL-1623)

The specs have been fixed, and all supported filters and sorters have been added to the endpoint query params. Please allow up to 2 hours for the changes to be published and the cache to refresh.