Typo in API documentation

Hey, not sure where else to report this, but there’s some typos in the V3 api documentation, namely here list-pending-approvals | SailPoint Developer Community
The filters and sorters parameters are wrong (it’s documented as filters=filters=id eq “2c91808568c529c60168cca6f90c1313”). This carries over to the Postman collection and will likely cause confusion to anyone somewhat new to API calls :slight_smile:

Also if this is the wrong place for this - please let me know.


Thanks for pointing this out. I just created a ticket to get this fixed. We don’t have any directions on where to post typos or other small fixes to our docs, but that is something I am going to bring up to the team. @colin_mckibben , do you have any suggestions for where users can send documentation typos to?

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I’m looking into this as well; for now, @M_rtenH you did the best thing. The only thing I might change is to use the “Site Feedback” category instead. Thank you for pointing this out!

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It’s been a while, but I just wanted to follow up and let you know this issue has now been fixed and will be live on the portal in a few days.

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