Retrigger ServiceDesk Ticket Creation

Hi Guys,

We are generating ServiceNow tickets via Service Desk integration for delimited file application access reviews (certifications). However, ticket creation failed due to connectivity issue between SailPoint & ServiceNow.

How we can re-trigger ticket creation for such failures.

Mahesh Tare

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++ Interested as well. Every time I update the integration with another source the authentication (password) has to be fixed(reentered) as well. Otherwise there many FAILED events in provisioning

Try sending a revoke access request through the access request API

I thought he meant to retry on failure. Maybe a workflow that triggers on source’s

Hi @mcheek,

Thanks for the response. Is there a way ISC can automatically re-trigger ticket creation for failures in provisioning? We are using OOTB Service Desk Integrations not the workflows.

Hi All,

Can anyone help on this.

Our problem is ServiceNow ticket creation for revoke access operation triggered via certifications has failed. Now, how to re-trigger the ticket creation for the same request? Is there an API available for this? can ServiceDesk Integration automatically do this?

Hi @maheshtare,

According to this api update-status-check-details | SailPoint Developer Community

For SDIM integration, after provisioningMaxStatusCheckDays, IDN/ISC will ignore checking status and recreate another ticket.

And in my experience if ticket creation is failed, IDN/ISC retry the creation on Identity resfresh i don’t know this is applicable on certification revocation.

But for me if ISC/IDN not retry after several the fastest way to resolve the problem is to submit revocation access by api as you say. You can download your certification “Remediation status report” for see what revocation for Service Desk are not completed and then submit revocation by adding certification and certifier as reference in comment.

Hi @baoussounda,

Really appreciate your response on this.

ISC is not re-triggering the ticket creation on Identity Refresh, it’s been 7 days now.

I have discovered the option to submit the revoke_access request via API but it doesn’t have requester details like we can’t add specific requester (i.e. original certification reviewer) details in the request body.

@maheshtare by default request are who Personnal access token is used for api call.

You can’t submit a request for another person.

You have two options :

With that you can arbitrary add key : value, this key value are not used but it will present always in you request for audit or more context and it is not visible in the ui.

If your user tied to the token has ORG_ADMIN, you can

@mcheek he want to submit multiple revovation by using access requests endpoint.

As administrator of ISC he’s an administrator, by " You can’t submit a request for another person" i will mean with his administrator token he can’t submit request by specifing a requester for each certifier.

in the documentation i do not see a requester paamet when submit an access request endpoint.
Do you once test that ?