Remove or replace Install-Module inside the psm1 file

Hi all,

I’ve created the following issue on the GitHub sailpoint-oss/powershell-sdk repo:

Hoping to get some attention from the Dev Team to have a look.



I have noticed this bug, too. It would be nice to get a fix sooner rather than later.

Hey @hajiakhundov @dominick-miller,

TLDR: This is on my list to get rid of after developer days.

This is on my list to get rid of, that library was originally used to pull your tenant information from a .sailpoint/.config.yaml file in your home directory. We have since updated the configuration options and no longer encourage the use of the old file.

Look out for an update after developer days and I’ll set a reminder for our team.


Thank you! Looking forward to it.

Hey @hajiakhundov @dominick-miller,

As promised I am back and this issue should be fixed with this PR

The latest release includes these changes, let me know if you still have issues!


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