SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module

Hi Developer Community. Great to see this community come to fruition.

Previously I’ve posted about the SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module on Compass, but now with the Developer Community I’d like to solicit any feature enhancements, or even others that would like to participate (via pull requests) in keeping the functionality current.

If you’ve not previously seen or used the module, the summary of the latest version (1.1.2) can be found here.

The repo with all the latest info and full readme is on Github here.



Thanks Darren,

I’m already a fan. Thanks very much for your invaluable module!
I’m going to be spending some time in here as I’m embarking on some Jira to IDN integration to get tickets raised for manual provisioning and I’m really hoping the community can help.

Hey Darren, thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve went ahead and moved your post over to the Tools subcategory and I’m going to sticky your post to the top :slight_smile:

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Ran across your module a few months back and it’s such a great contribution to the IDNow community. Many thanks!


Thanks Phil, we are very glad to hear that you like it!

Originally I developed the module for a bunch of integration and automation we were doing for a customer. I had a huge number of scripts, but they weren’t manageable by our Managed Services team. So I built the original module and then release it as open source.

Later with Sean McGovern who’d started something similar, we combined our efforts and knocked out extending the functionality and standardized the authentication as the IDN platform changed.

It’s fantastic to see the number of downloads increasing, and hearing feedback of from the many users of it to automate implementations and bulk configuration tasks.


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I have just released v1.1.4 of the SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module.

More details for the updates here and it is published to the PowerShell Gallery.

There are 4 new cmdlets bringing the total now to over 90.

  • Export-IdentityNowConfig
  • Invoke-IdentityNowAccountCorrelation
  • New-IdentityNowSourceEntitlements
  • Search-IdentityNow

Numerous enhancements and updates to other cmdlets for recent API and Authentication changes.



v1.1.5 of the SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module is now published on the PowerShell Gallery.

No new cmdlets, but fixes to a couple as well as enhancements.

  1. Fix for New-IdentityNowCertCampaign bug whereby AuthN failed.
  2. Updates to Get-IdentityNowCertCampaignReport to handle API AuthN changes.
  3. Add additional detail to New-IdentityNowIdentityProfilesReport Report to show transforms
  4. Get-IdentityNowCertCampaignReport New functionality to return all reports within a period with an option to return incomplete or completed campaign reports.
  5. Associated ReadMe updates.


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Thank you for sharing this update, @darrenjrobinson!

I’ve just published v1.1.6 of the Community IdentityNow PowerShell Module.
Supporting blogpost here

Private APIs to v3 API transition
Key item is the start of the transition from private APIs to v3 APIs.
To make this more seamless and provide backwards capability the three updated cmdlets for v3 APIs maintain backwards capability without any changes. To use the v3 APIs with the three cmdlets you need to specify the -V3API switch.

The three cmdlets with the V3API switch are:

  • Update-IdentityNowRole
  • Get-IdentityNowSource
  • Update-IdentityNowSource

Finally, I’d love to have more assistance maintaining this module. Specifically adding new cmdlets for new IdentityNow features and updating cmdlets that now have v3 APIs.