Official PowerShell IdentityNow SDK - (Unofficial QuickStart Guide)

Hopefully everyone has seen the announcement from Developer Days of the OFFICIAL SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell SDK.

I’ve written this guide to getting started using the SDK to remove any friction to getting it working quickly.



You should add some requirements in the powershell-sdk readme, like the powershell version that must be at least 6.2, the fact we need PSYaml as well (sometime the server is not able to get it and you have to install it manually).

I think it will help people to install it.

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Was trying to use the sdk to create a source for a delimited file, but any time I got an error message :

  • Required field "name" was missing or empty

This field is missing in the powershell modules, the “Initialize-Source” method can’t set it
Can you check that and fix it ?

I have been using Powershell for many years, but I am a complete newbie to Github, and I would like to contribute to the SDK. I found and reported a bug (Issue #78). I forked the repository, fixed the issue, tested, and would like to do a pull request, but I am at a loss on how to do that. Can someone walk me through how to submit my change?
My username on Github is BeejCyr

Hi Brian,

Git can be a little confusing when getting started.
This guide should assist though. I look forward to your PR.

Creating a pull request from a fork - GitHub Docs


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Done, I think. Just hoping I did that correctly. If I did do it wrong, I would appreciate any guidance for next time.

Hi Bryan, just back from Developer Days in Austin and had a chance to checkout your PR.
Issue #78 - Changed parameter name in PSSailpoint/beta/src/PSSailpointBeta/Model/EntitlementAccessRequestConfig.ps1 by BeejCyr · Pull Request #79 · sailpoint-oss/powershell-sdk (

Looks all good to me.
I can’t approve the merge, but the DevRel team should be able to review and approve in the next while, once they also get some time after running at 110% the last week at DevDays.


The DevRel team won’t actually approve and merge a PR to one of their SDKs because they are automatically generated (for the most part) from their API specs. I was told before that I should just open an issue in GitHub and it would be looked at.

Here is my example where they opened a PR for an issue I opened, however I don’t think it ever actually got merged

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That makes logical sense Patrick.
Maybe then we just need to flag it to @tyler_mairose to ensure the updates are made to the OpenAPI spec for the next release/generation?

@darrenjrobinson Thanks for the tag to bring this to our attention!

@BCyr1, I commented on the Github Issue you created related to your PR, give that a read and let me know your thoughts.

@patrickboston, I am looking back at your spec issue to make sure I get that resolved as well.

Thanks for the response. That comment works for me. Is there something I need to do to remove the pull request or will devrel cancel it?

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We can close it out, glad it is working for you!