Official PowerShell IdentityNow SDK - (Unofficial QuickStart Guide)

Hopefully everyone has seen the announcement from Developer Days of the OFFICIAL SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell SDK.

I’ve written this guide to getting started using the SDK to remove any friction to getting it working quickly.



You should add some requirements in the powershell-sdk readme, like the powershell version that must be at least 6.2, the fact we need PSYaml as well (sometime the server is not able to get it and you have to install it manually).

I think it will help people to install it.

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Was trying to use the sdk to create a source for a delimited file, but any time I got an error message :

  • Required field "name" was missing or empty

This field is missing in the powershell modules, the “Initialize-Source” method can’t set it
Can you check that and fix it ?