New form needed for custom connector which help connecting oracle DB to hold connection parameters of multiple databases

We are having some 100+ different Oracle DB’s installed in various servers. We are planning to have a single source form where we can add username, password and Database URL for multiple DB’s. For that we have to create new form where we can hold multiple database connection parameters. Also, we want to have feature like add button to add more Db parameters in future. We don’t want to connect immediately to all the DB’s but on request basis. I have seen same functionality in Active Directory Connector where we can add multiple forests and its scalable.

Hi Vineet,

This sounds like a feature request for SailPoint’s custom connector. Can you please create an idea for this so our product team can see it?

Hi Colin,
Yeah I am building a custom connector and need code to build something like attached AD Multiple forest addition on clicking “Add”. Same way I am also trying to add multiple multiple DB’s details. Unable to find how to add dynamic form in IdentityNow. Can you please help?


Have you checked out the documentation here: Based on that, I don’t think there is a way to implement dynamic configurable fields in a custom connector.