Custom Connector Setup and creation issues

Hey All,

I’m trying to setup a dev custom connector to see if it will work better for us. I am currently having an error with the source, I was hoping someone may be able to help. The error I get is “[InvalidConfigurationException] [Error Details] Missing Connector Class Name”
I’ve tried to implement the fix outlined below but it doesn’t seem to help.

source-template.xml contents:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE Application PUBLIC "sailpoint.dtd" "sailpoint.dtd">
<Application connector="sailpoint.connector.OpenConnectorAdapter" name="custom BCustom" type="custom BCustom" featuresString="CREATE, DELETE, UNLOCK, UPDATE, ENABLE, GET, DISCOVER_SCHEMA">
            <entry key="connectorClass" value="openconnector.connector.CustomConnectorTest"/>

My Java file structure:

Thanks in advance, and any other information you may have regarding custom connector development would be helpful.

Hey @brendonmurphy, thanks for posting this and welcome to the community! We will look into this for you here shortly and provide feedback.

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Can you check your package is correct for your connector? It looks like your CustomConnectorTest class is in the openconnector package and not the openconnector.connector package of which your connectorClass entry in the app config suggests.

So, change your connectorClass setting to:

<entry key="connectorClass" value="openconnector.CustomConnectorTest"/>

This should allow the OpenConnector framework to instantiate your class.


Hello Christian,

Thanks for the insight. I updated the entry to be as you said however I still got the error.

Incase it was an issue with how I had it packaged, as in not in openconnector.connector I updated to be this way and update the source-template file accordingly and the issue occurred still. Your comment helped me realise how it was different, so thank you again.

When I downloaded the source configuration files, to double check what I added was uploaded correctly. There was an extra line in it, relating to md5, is this something I need to modify/update as well?

<entry key="md5" value="8291fff5b0838ea55583d42c0dd128ba"/>

I’ve recently learnt that once you update the source files you need to recreate the source within IDN. Which was the solution.