Custom Connector - Provisioning status not updated in IDN


We are building a custom connector in IdentityNow and are implementing provisioning by overriding the “provision()” method.

Required provisioning activities like creation of accounts etc. are performed successfully on the target application when tested, however, accounts or links are not coming up under the corresponding identity.

What we tried:
We created a result object and set the same on “ProvisioningPlan” passed to provision() method with the help of setResult() method.

Code reference:
Code is attached to this post. Please refer to line number 179 and 180 for result set in the connector code attached.
CustomConnector.txt (16.2 KB)


Hi Abhinov,

I see your ‘provision’ method has a void return type, and instantiates but does not utilize a ‘Result’ object (rs, rs1).

I would suggest that you try changing your method signature to include a return type of ProvisioningResult (sailpoint.object.ProvisioningResult). In the method itself, change ‘rs’ and ‘rs1’ to ProvisioningResult type, and then in your logic - make sure to update the ProvisioningResult as you go with the setStatus() method. The status can be set to ProvisiongResult.STATUS_COMMITTED (if success), ProvisioningResult.STATUS_FAILED (if error - you can also add the errors to the PR). There some other values for queued and retry as well.

Don’t forget to return your ProvisioningResult when exiting the method.

Can you try that and see it helps?

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Hi Adam,

Thank you for the response. I have checked these steps but provisioning method in openconnector is not accepting return type as ProvisioningResult.

I fixed this issue by setting provisioning result on individual requests inside plan rather than on plan.