An Example on Custom connector in IdentityIQ

Just looking for an example of a Custom connector in IdentityIQ
it can be JDBC or Web-service or LDAP based custom connector
how the jar working and how sailpoint is talking with API
just need to see a working custom connector and see all configuration end to end configuration with complete source code and related documents

if any one already configure please help me


Hello Dineshwar, might be helpful to you, there are other documents on Compass about custom connector as well

Thankyou for reply @rohit_jaiswal1
looking for a still detailed i already tryed this
but not detailed

Hello Dinesh,
what details are looking for exactly ? we have a custom app running and its more or less this way. its a legacy application so idk what all was done but if something is not working out/unexpected behaviour, maybe i can help


Its a SOAP API based application so target system configurations are more or less the same way as any other API, other customizations to be done on SailPoint are similar to the document.

That being said, with webservice connector in picture now and quite easy, maybe that can work for you as well? based on your requirements

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Hi , custom connector the example provised is working good , i gicen some statice configurations inside my java program i successfully aggregated and provisioned , but i am tring to give configuration values dynamic ,
like for example as per the given example input 1 and input 2 details are printing on server, but i want to add some more fields in xhtml input 3 and input 4 in this way

after selecting custom connector in application the page is not getting loaded

please help me if i miss anything here @rohit_jaiswal1


The first thing I’d try is removing the Javascript part attempting to validate a not-null value and see if the page loads correctly then. If nothing else, it should help narrow the scope of where your issue with the page loading to the XHTML elements and not the Javascript elements.

Also, when the page fails to load, check your IIQ logs and grab the error message and stacktrace - that should help with debugging your issue as well.

Yes, i tried that before first only checking fields ,then null check with java script , only XHTML fields were not loading,
Nothing is even printing on logs for checking error ,
No null pointer it’s blank ,then i confirmed that it’s not wrong with javascript ,i am missing something in XHTML only checking that i cannot find anything