Enhancement: New User Interface for Custom Connectors

SailPoint has introduced a new User Interface (UI) for IdentityNow custom connectors (not to be confused with SaaS Connectivity) which can dynamically render different elements and attributes. This new UI will help configurators to take the advantage of the dynamic UI to better setup their connectors.

For more information on developing custom connectors using the new UI, please, see this document: New_Custom_Connector_Interface.pdf (905.4 KB)

SailPoint Product Team requests all customers and partners to adopt the new UI for building out any new custom connectors immediately. We plan to restrict developing the custom connectors using the old UI starting December 31st, 2023, post which the ability to develop custom connectors
using the older UI will not be supported. We plan to migrate the old UI to the new one programmatically in the future. More information on this will be announced during the first half