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I am trying to build a custom connector to connect to oracle unified directory. I have followed the procedure “Implementing IdentityNow Custom Connectors” in compass . When I hit “Test Connection” button, the testConnection() method is not getting executed. I have also checked in compass and there is not much information on this context. Can anyone provide a demo example for this connector?

Hey @Abhinov,

Thanks for posting your first question to the developer forum! Most of our staff were out of office today, following the 4th of July holiday and will be returning tomorrow. I have shared your question with our connector team and look forward to providing you some insights shortly!

Hi @Abhinov,

Creating a custom connector for IdentityNow is unfortunately a bit more difficult than for IdentityIQ, as it is harder to get the logging for debugging. One thing that has given me some issues before is that you may need to supply a number of dependencies, on top of your own connector JAR file. It can be hard and time consuming to figure out exactly which (you need to look for exceptions from the class loader).

You said that you are working on a connector for the Oracle Unified Directory. This is basically an LDAP system. The LDAP connector is very configurable, so instead of creating a completely new connector, you may look at re-using the LDAP connector and changing the necessary parameters:

  • Update the schema, where needed (there may be some differences, e.g. the group membership attribute(s));
  • Update the attributes that are used for enabling/disabling/locking/unlocking the accounts
  • Update the provisioning templates to reflect the schema/object class differences.

These changes will need to be made through the REST API, updating attributes, after you have set up the base LDAP source.

Please, do keep notes of what you have changed, so you can repeat or revert steps where needed.

  • Menno

Thank you for the update @jordan.violet. I will wait for the response.

Hi @menno_pieters ,

I have to create new custom connector only. I cannot use existing LDAP connector. Actually I am stuck at creating connector jar file. I am not clear on the java program to communicate with the source. It would be really helpful if you provide any reference if you have.


LDAP isn’t exactly the easiest protocol and there are many flavors of LDAP servers. That is why the LDAP connector that comes with the product is really flexible.

There are lots of APIs on the market that can be used in an LDAP connector (LDAP Java API — Apache Directory). These can be used as a starting point.

If, however, you are not familiar enough with Java and the LDAP APIs, it will be very difficult to develop a connector.

I would suggest to contact a SailPoint partner and/or SailPoint Professional Services to assist.

  • Menno

Hello team, I am also facing similar issue. My test connection is also not working when i hit test connection an di am getting below error:

Could you please provide or suggest any proper document for custom connector.

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