IdentityNow link incorrectly promises additional documentation

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We are creating a web service connector where we need to use custom authentication. We first see the list of supported authentication types and we select Custom Authentication:

We are curious in the specifics of custom authentication. This could cover topics like:
Can we tell IdentityNow when it should authenticate (again) and when not? Are there any best practices here? Is there an example of this available?

We would expect documentation for something like this to exists, and we notice that the UI mentions this below

Specifically it says:
If your authentication configuration doesn’t support standard mechanisms like Basic or OAuth 2.0, you can use Custom Authentication . If the endpoint requires no authentication, leave the parameter fields blank.

Learn More about Web Services Custom Authentication Settings

Since we want to learn more about custom authentication, we are happy to see this link and we click it. This link sends us to this page:

We click on the Authentication Type link and get the following:

We notice that the only information related to custom authentication is the fact that the SailPoint Web Services connector supports it, which we already saw based on the first screenshot.

Could it be that certain documentation was accidentally deleted?
Please provide documentation regarding the custom authentication functionality.

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We were told it seemed there was an error during publishing which caused the documentation to not reflect the content. It has been fixed now.
Example: Custom Authentication

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