Custom authentication in webservices

Hello I have some questions concerning the behavior of custom authentication call in the web service connector:

1 - Is it called before every other operation or is it called once at specific interval and if the latter can I specify this interval?

2 - Once the authentication is recieved is it stored somewhere or only used in the next call and deleted right after?

For context I have created two identical calls, one with operation type “Test Connection” and another with operation type “Account aggregation” and I have logged the response of my different calls and this is the behavior I have found:

1 - When my call is a “Test Connection” the custom authentication is always called and the authentication token is correctly used

2 - When my call is an “Account aggregation” the custom authentication is rarely called and most of the time I receive and error that I do not have a valid token

I have the same questions, did you get a reply for this? Also even in test connection the token is not getting retrieved, only when I hard code it works.

Hi @Nadim

Accoding Sailpoint documentation

When Authentication Method is selected as No/Custom Authentication it means that Web Services would fetch the authentication details for all other endpoints

If access token is retrieved in the response, you should retrieve token in the following way: “$application.-your key-$”

You can get more information about custom authetication using this link:

Custom Authentication (

In our case the calls were failing because the API calls werent following the standard API response codes (200 OK, 400 BAD REQUEST etc. ). We were able to make the connector work by adding the following configuration in the additional settings tab of the connector

Make sure to also follow @ismaelmoreno1’s instructions


Hi @ismaelmoreno1
The document for custom authentication says not to update any sensitive information in UI.
how to update the password information via API
could you please provide api end point?


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