Custom authentication in webservices connector

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We are integrating webservice connector in IDN. The webservice application follows below authentication process-
1- Provide the username and password and hit the url which will return the SessionId in response
2- Use this sessionId to invoke other operations.

Using that sessionId in another operations like test connection and account aggregation.

Test connection works , but account aggregation fails with invalid sessionId and I could see from logs, its not picking the sessionId from custom authentication operation.

sequenceNumberForEndpoint is also in order. Not sure of the missing item. Can anyone faced same issue?

@colin_mckibben Can you help us?

Hey @Manju22,

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I saw you also comment in this thread:

Are you able to test your current authentication configuration in something like postman?

If so can you provide the specifics of the response from the call?

The HTTP response code, and the general shape of the response would be helpful.

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Thank you.

Yes, we can successfully get the sessionId in Postman. Response code is 200 and below is the body of the response of the Auth call.

Ideally am trying to catch the sessionId below and use for account aggregation header as Authorization : sessionId

    "responseStatus": "SUCCESS",
    "sessionId": "65354BCE0C0F14A3E2FC7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "userId": xxxx,
    "vaultIds": [
            "id": 57664,
            "name": "Development Sbx",
            "url": "https://xxx/api"
            "id": 127549,
            "name": "Clinical Validation Sbx",
            "url": "https://xxxx/api"
            "id": 135813,
            "name": "Technical Sandbox",
            "url": "https://xxx/api"
    "vaultId": 57664

Understood Manju,

Is that sessionId on the response a JWT, or a valid value to use for authorization?

based on your photos things look to my to be configured correctly according to the documentation.

You may want to validate your response mapping for the Custom Authentication call:
Response Mapping

Additionally, web services connections usually end up rather complex in implementation, and ES/PS heavily suggest working with them to ensure its implemented efficiently.