Webservice connector - Not calling operations in sequence

Hello All,

I have configured 2 operations in application,

  1. Test Connection
<entry key="sequenceNumberForEndpoint" value="1"/>
<entry key="uniqueNameForEndPoint" value="Test connection"/>
  1. Account Aggregation
<entry key="sequenceNumberForEndpoint" value="2"/>
<entry key="uniqueNameForEndPoint" value="Get Users"/>

I am using custom authentication, which will save the generated token in application “accesstoken” entry.

Test connection works fine and it saves the token in application as well. Please find the screenshot below

When I run account aggregation, ideally it should first run the Test Connection operation, get the new token and then run the account aggregation as per sequence number.

But the connector is not calling the 1st operation in sequence and directly calls the 2nd operation, which ofcourse fails the aggregation.

I can fix this issues using Before Rule in all my operations and get the connection token programatically, but is there any other solution to this?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Nakul Bhakta,

Are you able to resolve this issue?

Test Connection only runs when you actually hit the Test Connection button. You need to configure a Custom Authentication operation so authentication occurs before any others calls.


If you find that the connector does not run Custom Authentication before each call, try adding the following entry to your application XML. This essentially clears the accesstoken variable from the application and forces a new one to be fetched before each call.

<entry key="oauth_force_authentication">
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