Can Identity Now supports self service password reset and unlock account if we use SSO login?

Hi All,

I have an use case where i need to perform self service password and unlock account. Can this be implemented in IDN.

Note: All the users are login using SSO

This is possible in Okta IDP:

Not sure about other IDPs.

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Hi @chirag_patel,

Thanks for your response. We are using different SSO solution and that does not support this features.

We did the below work around.

  1. Changed the Sign in method to Direct connection AD (Pass thorough authentication) in identity profile.
  2. Then provided the default password reset and account unlock URL to end users.
  3. Whenever users account gets locked or forgets the password, he/she will access the URL and reset or unlock the account.
  4. Then user will access the SSO login page and will login to Identity Now.