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We have Sync Groups for Database with 20+ applications. We are able to change password in all the systems, but some user have account disabled due to inactivity or expired. Can we unlock the account as well by some mean in Sync groups.

I found this: Configuring Advanced Password Management Options - SailPoint Identity Services

Accessing Password Management via URL

You can provide access to URL landing pages where users can reset passwords, unlock accounts, and recover forgotten usernames. This is helpful if you want your users to access the IdentityNow sign-in help pages directly.
You can direct users to the following URLs for sign-in help page access:

  • Unlock Account - https:‍//<tenant_name>.identitynow.com/passwordreset/default/unlock-account
  • Reset Password - https:‍//<tenant_name>.identitynow.com/passwordreset/default/reset-password
  • Forgot Username - https:‍//<tenant_name>.identitynow.com/passwordreset/default/forgot-username

But we are not sure is it for Sync groups or this configuration changes password for IdentityNow as we have SAML configured for IDN.

We are yet to test the links with some end users but seeking experts advise before we roll out it as a feature to all.

Hi Ashish,

Once user is inactive you cannot rest their password, If you want reset his/her password for inactive yours you should have to enable their account. but it depends again. I tried to unlock the inactive user for webservice account but it is not working for me I am unable to unlock the disabled user even I configured enabled operation.


Hi Siva, I am asking for the sync groups, so this option is not relevant. Anyways, we checked with SailPoint, sync group doesn’t have capability to unlock accounts.

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