Account unlock query in IdentityNow

Hi, does anyone used this URL in IdentityNow - https://{orgname} This URL I got from one KB article Support Articles - [IdentityNow] Unable to unlock Active Directory accounts for identities with multiple Active Directory accounts (

Actually, I am looking option in IdentityNow to unlock / password change for AD ids. When I tried above URL https://{orgname} I am getting error message - An error occurred. Please contact your administrator. Trace ID: a3a28daadfe24*******************7e68

Also, I would like to add one more point. I was referring document URL - Provisioning Settings and we found that under Provisioning Settings (Optional) we don’t have option — Select the Unlock on Change Password checkbox to unlock accounts on a change password operation during provisioning

we have few direct connected sources like Active Directory and Oracle. We are not able to see unlock account option by referring documentation URL - Managing User Accounts - SailPoint Identity Services

Hi HImanshu,
Do you have a Pass Through authentication configured for IdentityNow ? Then only you will be able to do these things on your AD account

Rakesh Bhati

Hi Rakesh,
Thanks for your response. Yes we have PTA enabled in our AD service. also service account used for connection has this permission Read lockoutTime and Write lockoutTime. Still unlock account option is not coming. Could you please suggest.

Check in IdentityNow Identity Profile from where the user is created. You will need to add that as Pass Through Authentication.

Rakesh Bhati

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