Workflow execution filter


Can someone guide me on how to filter the query with “status” as failed using the get-workflow-execution API call?

I tried {{baseUrl}}/workflows/:id/executions?filters=status eq “Failed” and it doesn’t filter the response.

Also, I get only 50 entries in the responses. How to increase the offset and do pagination

That endpoint doesn’t support filters or sorters at this time, but I agree that a filter on status would be very helpful. I will put in a feature request for engineering to implement it.

Thanks @colin_mckibben . Does this endpoint provides only 50 entries in the response?

I spoke with engineering and here is the roadmap for this endpoint, with no particular dates on when they will be implemented:

  • Increase execution history storage time from 48 hours to 90 days
  • Increase default page size from 50 → 250
  • Implement pagination
  • Implement sorting and filtering