Schedule a workflow search query

Can anyone help me on one use case. I have one scheduled workflow which runs as trigger when there is any lifecycle status change (active to inactive) for any employee particular to one application, this WF sends email to one team.
Sometimes we have seen that scheduled workflow execution failed due to some downtime or other reason. I want to use one api call to find failed workflow execution information.
For example:
{{baseUrl}}/workflows/{workflow id}/executions?filters=status eq “Failed”

Could you please suggest me how I can schedule this api call in Sailpoint IdentityNow.

Assuming this is for a specific {workflow id} then you could use {{baseUrl}}/workflows to get the specific ID associated with your workflow and hardcode this into your API call.

As an alternative, we utilize a script that loops through all the workflows looking for failures processing this outside of IDN.

Hello Ed Marks,
Thanks for your response! Right this is for one specific workflow for which I have the workflow id and I am using postman api - {{baseUrl}}/workflows/{workflow id}/executions?filters=status eq “Failed” which is giving me the required input. But thing is this is manual process and I am looking to execute this api through some scheduled job.
Could you please suggest more on this solution.

We generally use a PowerShell script that is triggered as needed by the Task Scheduler (i.e. server setup that runs multiple tasks already for a variety of applications).

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