Workflow - Account aggregation completed

What could be JSON path expression to start the trigger for "Account aggregation completed " in the workflow.


Welcome to the developer community @Manju22 .

Trigger filters are only necessary if you want to only receive events under certain conditions. If you leave this blank then your workflow will be activated for every event. That being said, it’s a good idea to figure out which events you want to process and then apply a filter so you only receive those events. You can learn more about trigger filtering here.

Thanks Colin. I have created workflow for Account aggregation Completed. Its works well for successful aggregation, but am not getting email notification for failed or terminated ones.

Is the workflow executed upon failed/terminated aggregations? Is the execution successful, or does it fail? Is it just not sending the email? If that is the case, then you’ll need to open a support ticket so the support team can investigate your environment. Since you don’t have a trigger filter, this should work.

Hi Colin,
workflow triggers e-mail for aggregation completed with success/error… But It not sending email for the aggregation which is completed with warning.

This workflow has been enabled in our tenant for past two weeks and many aggregation ended up in warning, but we didnt get alert.

According to our trigger docs, account aggregation events will only fire if the status is success, error, or termination. However, I agree that warning should be included in that list. I’m going to raise this to engineering to see if there is a reason warning was excluded, and if we can get it added in.

@Manju22 I spoke with engineering and they say that the trigger should be fired for aggregations that complete with a “warning”. It’s possible there is something else going on in your environment. Can you please open a support ticket so they can investigate your environment?