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Is it possible to send any notification or alert to any team if there is a failure in aggregation for any source in IdentityNow? Could anyone please suggest? I thought of using workflow, but I was not able to see any appropriate triggers.

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You can achieve this easily using the Workflows. “Account Aggregation Completed” will be your trigger. You can call the Send Email action if the trigger status is failed.

Thank you @sharvari for your response. I’m trying to create a workflow but could you please let me know, how can we set trigger status as failed.

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@Mane1 Another way if you want to explore is creating a report of all the failed aggregations. The report can be subscribed to at whatever frequency the team to be alerted needs, and that will have the details of the failed aggregation as well.

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Please refer to this article

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Hello @sharvari, thanks a lot for your response, after enabling the workflow and tested, it’s been triggering for both Success and failure of aggregations’. is it because the trigger itself is ‘Aggregation completed’. I’m checking with some filters also but no luck so far. Could
Aggregation Testing.json (1.5 KB)
you please suggest?

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The issue is with your Compare Strings action, you have configured it as

$.trigger.status = $.trigger.errors

This will never be true. Trigger status is a string and will have values like ‘Success’, ‘Failed’ etc.
errors is an array and whenever aggregation fails it will hold the error info.

Please modify your step to $.trigger.status = Failed to make sure it triggers on Failures only.

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Thanks a lot . only place where we have to update json code is : in the place of ($.tirgger.status) update it , $.tirgger.status=Error. We can also get source name if we want to let the team know on which source it is failing. i.e in the body of the email template we have to use {{$}}.

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