Provisioning Completed Workflow Trigger Filtering


I am unable to trigger a provisioning completed workflow using the following filter logic:
$.accountRequests[?(“Test Active Directory” && @.provisioningResult==“committed” && @.accountOperation"Create")]

I have also tried the following variations with no luck:

The workflow, with no json filter query, executed fine and the above path should work based on the csv results I was able to pull from the successful run. The only thing I can think of is if the json path filter does not support logical operators like == and &&.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hi @dominick-miller ,

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Try this,

  1. As provisioning got completed, provisioning completed trigger will be executed right. Hence, in filter use:

$[?($.sources == "Test Active Directory")]

  1. Use compare strings operator to verify the operation:

In value1, provide “$.trigger.accountRequests[*].accountOperation”
In value2, provide “Create”
Operator “Equals”


Hi Dominick,
Please use the following. It should work

$.accountRequests[?(@.provisioningResult == ‘committed’ && @.provisioningTarget == ‘Test Active Directory’ && @.accountOperation==‘Create’)]

Rakesh Bhati

This worked perfectly, thank you. I think the core of my issue was 1) sometimes forgetting equal signs and 2) capitalization.

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