Identity Aggregation Completed

Testing out Identity Aggregation Completed ETS trigger. I am noticing I am only receiving a status of Error or Success. Not getting Terminated per the documentation:

  • status - The overall status of the aggregation. This is usually “Success”, “Failed”, or “Terminated”.

Hi Thomas – Are you testing with a source where an admin has terminated the account aggregation? Are you saying in that scenario, you still aren’t seeing “Terminated” as a status there? Instead, are you receiving “Error”?

Not seeing Terminated as a status even when canceling the job. Also, not seeing Warning being trigger. Confirmed I have no filters setup on that trigger.

Okay, thanks for letting us know. I’m opening a ticket so Engineering will look into this behavior. I’ve attached your screenshot from email to that ticket. I’ll update you on this ticket once we know more.

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hey Thomas, thanks for reporting this! Engineering responded:

Engineering has determined that a fix will be needed to address this issue. It’s a great find on Thomas’s part!

They are targeting a fix for Q4.