Workday Date attribute issue


I am fetching HireDate and Effective date from workday.
In workday date is set to “2022-11-08” but after aggregation in IDN it is changing to “2022-11-10”

There is no transform/rule attached to connector.

Xpath for attributes.
POSITION_EFFECTIVE_DATE = ns1:Worker_Data/ns1:Employment_Data/ns1:Worker_Job_Data/ns1:Position_Data/ns1:Effective_Date
HIREDATE = ns1:Worker_Data/ns1:Employment_Data/ns1:Worker_Status_Data/ns1:Hire_Date

Please help to resolve this issue.


Welcome to the developer community Omkar.

Since there is no transform/rule that could be changing this date, it might be something with your tenant configuration or with the Workday connector. If you haven’t already, please open a support ticket. Our support team is better equipped to troubleshoot OOTB connectors and tenant configurations.

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