What events trigger Generic SDIM to create a ticket?

I am working on SDIM integration and was wondering what the ways are to trigger ticket creation through Service Desk Integration (the sources are flat files)? The only way I am aware of is through Request Center, but is there any other way when the ticket should be created by Sailpoint in our ITSM solution?

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For any operation that would have potentially created work item (If SDIM was not used) will generate a ticket. For example but not limited to,

  1. Account Enable
  2. Account Disable
  3. Create Account
  4. Add Entitlement
  5. Revoke Entitlement
  6. Unlock Account
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Hey Animesh, thanks for info. I will keep you updated, I was only able to trigger remove and add entitlement/role/access profile, but for some reason other points that you listed seem not to work for me. Enable/disable/unlock will not work for flat file, so does it mean it will only work for add and remove entitlement?

I just cannot think of scenario in which the sdim could be triggered to make Sailpoint send request to ITSM, other than the one I mentioned, I would be very grateful if you could help on that Animesh

Enable Disable will work if you add IIQDisabled as an attribute. Here’s more information on that - Using the Generic Flat File Source

Once you have that you will also be able to trigger the ticket through enable and disable account.

Hi Animesh,

Can we trigger SDIM ticket ,When department got changed ?

Is there any way to do that ?

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