Integrating TOPdesk Ticketing System

The requirement is for disconnected application will need to create ticket via IDN, but the problem is not possible to use the exisiting ticketing system which SailPoint provides. Is there any other way to integrate TOPdesk ticketing system (Custom) to IDN?


It needs development of custom ticketing integration just like custom connector development. There is no official documentation around it but it should be similar to how things are done in iiq. Never developed it personally.

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@chirag_patel - Thanks for your update!

Our Requirement for Ticketing System

  • For disconnected application we do need to create ticket automatically via IDN for (Access/Entitlement Request)

  • But our ticketing tool is not listed in the Service desk integrations, how do we can acheive this requirement?

Option 1 - I have tried using with exisiting ticketing system and modify with our API calls, which is not working.

Option 2 - Tried with Event Triggers when the Access Request decision trigger, but we are not able to populated required attribute details for the ticket creation.

How do we could procced further? Its not possible to do without doing custom connector development, or SailPoint can able to provide this integration possible in future?

I see this was released recently. This can be your solution.

It is generic service desk.

Thanks @chirag_patel
@fernando_delosrios also provide us this link to us.