SailPoint IDN for Service Desk workflows


We have requirement where we need to ‘Create Service Ticket’ when identity created , updated and terminated.

  1. In this scenario ‘Additional Fields’ in ‘Manage ServiceNow Ticket’ Actions is something which displays in ‘description’ of service request?

  2. If we create service now ticket through identity create trigger in workflow? where can I track the service request . In ‘My Request’ ? as it is generated by workflows

  3. We have to pull the service ticket status back to SailPoint from service now, In this scenario If you selected Update ticket status under Action: Ticket ID do we need to enter static value or can we calculate dynamic value ?

  4. These above mentioned workflows does work when we do SailPoint for Service Desk integration or IdentityNow for Service Catalog?

Hi Yamini,

Were you able to complete this workflow with the Manage Service Now Ticket action?

Hi, sorry for late reply. I did use http as we have different requirement, didn’t use manage service now ticket. But you can create incident using manage service ticket I did test that.

Thanks for responding. I had some issues earlier and was able to work it out later. I’ve drafted a blog on this topic that can help others looking for assistance implementing the same.

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Hi Sharvari,

Not sure if you have done this. I am having trouble setting up basic authentication of SNOW and making a HTTP call in workflow, it keeps on saying error and input step.
Is there something specific that needs to be done while making a call inside workflow and is it any different than how get/post call is structured in postman?

No usually the settings are similar, the way you setup in Postman and HTTP call in workflow. If you can post the specific error you received, we might be able to help you further.

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